Frequently Asked

Who is the MBSR programme for?

Anyone, from young professionals and young mothers to adults and seniors.  People who want to learn about mindfulness and how to improve the quality of their life, people who want to know how to manage their stress or emotional imbalances, and people with various physical conditions.

How many people are in the class?

Maximum 6.

Do I have to share private information with the class?

No. Participants determine for themselves what information they choose to share with the group. However, it is a very trustful and supportive environment where if you would like to open up and share your feelings and experience that is not a problem. Any information shared is confidential.

Are there religious / Buddhist aspects to mindfulness meditation?

No. The practices and techniques are designed to be neutral and secular. People that take the program come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Do I need to have any prior meditation practice?

No prior meditation experience is necessary.

What happens if I miss 1-2 classes?

It is preferable to attend all classes. However, do not worry if you cannot participate in 1 or maximum 2 classes. You will receive an email with the handouts and the homework. I can also offer an individual consultation before the next class.

What if I can’t do mindful movement yoga because of a physical condition?

The yoga is very gentle and its main focus is on stretching and awareness of the breath. Participants are never asked to go beyond their own limitations.

What commitment does the MBSR Course require?

You are asked to attend all the classes for the 8 weeks and to practice daily home assignments starting at 10 min the first week and building up to about 45 minutes towards the end of the course. Home assignments include the practices taught during the class and at times some reading and reflection exercises. You will receive access to audio guided meditations.

How long does a class last?

Each class lasts between 2 to 2.5 hours. The day long retreat lasts 5-6 hours.

Is it possible to take the programme privately?

Although the MBSR original group format is extremely beneficial, we understand that under certain circumstances this format may not meet the needs of individual clients. When these situations arise, we offer mindfulness classes on a private basis.