Mindfulness Courses

Being a Teen or Tween can be really stressful! There are always new things to worry about, conversations to rehearse and activities to plan.

Mindfulness and yoya are powerful tools that can help us handle stress better, and live life more fully.

In our fast-paced, hi tech, social media pressured, often overly individualistic society, mindfulness and yoga can help young people navigate the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Once you start practicing mindfulness and yoga, you learn to carry the benefits of your practice into all areas of your life.

What Causes Stress in Children and Teens?

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed may be due to both internal and external events. Here are a few causes of stress in children and teens:

  • Academic pressures (living up to high expectations from self/others or tending towards perfectionism)
  • Physiological changes (genetics, hormones, poor self-care)
  • Social interactions
  • Social media usage
  • Family problems, including divorce & seperation
  • Peer pressure
  • Poor time management, including over-scheduling
  • Traumatic events or losses
  • Dating and relationships
  • Low self-esteem and poor body image
  • Unhealthy competition

So, how can my teen or tween learn mindfulness and start a yoga pratcice?

One to One individual mindfulness and yoga sessions for teens and tweens give targeted, individual support. There is nothing more valuable than our children – Let’s allow them to learn self-care through mindfulness and yoga.

We discuss individual needs and then work out a personal programme with key mindfulness practices, yoga asana (poses) and breath/movement sequences and breathing techniques. We explore ways of integrating mindfulness into your daily life.
All sessions incorporate contemplative practices (meditation, breathing and movement).

At a mutually suitable time you learn specific skills for working with turbulent thoughts, difficult emotions and unhealthy behaviours. You learn through practice and acquire tools that can bring mental and emotional balance, clarity and peace of mind.

There is no promise that you will not have to face difficulties again or that you will no longer experience the heights and depths of emotions but you will learn to respond to them in healthier manner which empowers you to live your life more fully.